Ashton Morris

Iā€™m a self-taught Software Engineer that specializes in front-end development. Founder of @potluckmarket

React + Redux + React Native + TypeScript + AWS = šŸ’–

Potluck Market (Web)

A React / Redux / AWS Cognito, AppSync, Amplify & DynamoDB web application that mirrors the Potluck Market Mobile app.

Potluck Market (Mobile)

A React Native mobile application built with Expo / AWS Cognito, AppSync, Amplify & DynamoDB.

Potluck Enterprise

A React / Redux web app powered by AWS Cognito, AppSync, DynamoDB and Amplify. Potluck Enterprise is a CRM and inventory/menu management system meant to help medical cannabis dispensaries reach customers through Potluck Market.

Potluck Driver

A React Native application built with Expo / TypeScript / AWS Cognito, Amplify, DynamoDB. It serves as an interface for Potluck Drivers to interact with orders processed by Potluck Market & Potluck Enterprise.